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Melania Trump disputes report that she did not want to be first lady

First lady Melania Trump walks through Christmas decorations in the East Wing as she tours holiday decorations at the White House in Washington, DC, on November 27, 2017. (SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

Melania Trump is perfectly happy to be first lady, thank you very much.

As The Hill reports, Trump has disputed a Vanity Fair article that, among other things, quotes an unnamed “friend” as saying that Trump “didn’t want this come hell or high water.”

“I don’t think she thought it was going to happen,” the source added.

The story also contains some choice quotes from Ivana Trump, the president’s first wife, with whom Melania clashed earlier this year over some remarks Ivana made during a morning TV appearance.

In a statement given to CNN reporter Kate Bennett, a spokesperson for Trump refuted the claims made in the story (while also taking a jab at the “liberal media”).  “Once again part of the liberal media, this time Vanity Fair, has written a story riddled with unnamed sources and false assertions,” the statement reads. “As a magazine tailored to women it is shameful that they continue to write salacious and false stories meant to demean Mrs. Trump, rather than focus on her positive work as First Lady as a supportive wife and mother. As has been stated on the record many times before, she is honored by her role.”

This is hardly the first conjecture there’s been regarding Melania’s satisfaction with her new role in life.  Just a couple months into Trump’s presidency — and before she’d actually moved in at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue — Vanity Fair reported that similar anonymous sources were saying she’d been secretly hoping her husband would lose the election. And then, on the first couple’s tour of the Middle East and Europe in May, there was all that hand-swatting that fueled speculation that that there was at least some friction between the two. But, in addition to the statement from the first lady’s spokeswoman, the White House went to great lengths on Monday to paint a picture of everything being just fine and dandy in the East Wing.

The White House invited news cameras into the executive mansion for Melania’s unveiling of the 2017 Christmas decorations. She was seen watching ballet dancers perform along to the U.S. Marine band’s rendition of “The Nutcracker Suite” and then greeting and hugging adoring young children of military members. Watch below.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, there was the followup Twitter effort to refute the claims made in the Vanity Fair story. Melania shared a post in which photos showed her all smiles, and then on Tuesday morning the president weighed in to say that the first lady “truly loves what she’s doing.” He then quickly pivoted to patting himself on the back for how “great” the country is doing under his watch.

So, there you have it. Melania Trump, or at least the White House, insists that, nearly a year in, the first lady is happy being first lady. But are you happy with Melania Trump as first lady? Give her first year a grade in the poll below.

Read the full story at The Hill.


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