Victim blaming

Angela Lansbury ignites uproar on social media with comments on sexual assault

Actress Angela Lansbury (ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

Actress Angela Lansbury, 92, is facing widespread condemnation on social media after the veteran star claimed that women who want to look attractive “must sometimes take blame” for men’s sexual misconduct.

“There are two sides to this coin,” Lansbury told Radio Times. “We have to own up to the fact women, since time immemorial, have gone out of their way to make themselves attractive. And unfortunately it has backfired on us, and this is where we are today. We must sometimes take blame. Although it’s awful to say we can’t make ourselves look as attractive as possible without being knocked down and raped.”

Lansbury added that there was “no excuse” for sexual assault.

Users on Twitter, unsurprisingly, weren’t particularly impressed with Lansbury’s comments, as many users accused her of victim-blaming. And while some chalked up her comments to a generational gap, others were less forgiving.

Read the full story at The Mirror.


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