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‘Justice League’ Amazons undergo questionable wardrobe change

Amazon costumes: Wonder Woman/Justice League (Twitter)

Fingers across the DC Comics universe had been crossed for months that Justice LeagueWarner Bros. latest attempt at a superhero blockbuster would stand on the broad, Amazonian shoulders and monumental box-office success story that was Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman. But if reviews of the film are any indication, it would appear DC  has once again fallen short.

Fans who hoped to see an encore of Wonder Woman kicking butt and taking names as a member of one of DCs Comics’ most iconic teams were instead treated to a chaotic jumbled, amalgamation of special effects and attempts at witty repartee, and, as one devoted fan pointed out, a curious wardrobe overhaul of the fiercely female Amazon Warriors.

One of these things is not like the other It would seem that the new Justice League issue of Amazonian armor is missing just that: armor. Now, although we know by now that the mythical warriors hail from the island of Themyscira, bikinis would hardly seem to be the logical choice when going to war. One’s organs should probably have some sort of protection beyond metal braziers. After all, just because were on a beach doesnt mean resortwear — no matter how leather studded — should be the only option.

According to a study cited by NPR, female characters were four times more likely to be depicted on film in sexy attire and three times more likely to show nudity. Despite being finalized in 2015, an entire year before Justice League began filming, the original Amazon costumes — designed by Linda Hemming, who meticulously researched historical armor to craft her creations were scrapped and redesigned by Michael Wilkinson; the end results being noticeably a bit more Baywatch than badass.

While we perhaps shouldnt be surprised that the costumes created by a female designer for a female directed film were discarded in favor of costumes crafted by a male designer for an all- male directed film with obviously a very different aesthetic in mind it all still seems a bit much.  

Read the full story at Marie Claire.


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