‘Brutal monsters’

Debra Tate, sister of slain actress Sharon Tate, reacts to death of Charles Manson

Author Debra Tate holds a copy of her book 'Sharon Tate: Recollection' (Photo by Steve Zak/Getty Images)

The news of the death of infamous cult leader Charles Manson hasn’t come as a “relief” to Debra Tate, the sister of famous actress Sharon Tate, who was murdered by members of the so-called Manson family in 1969.

“People are saying that this should be some kind of relief, but oddly enough it really isn’t,” Tate said. “While Charlie may be gone, it’s the ones that are still alive that perpetrate everything and it was up to their imaginations for what brutal things were going to be done. In an odd way I see them as much more dangerous individuals.”

Tate, who was pregnant at the time, was one of four people who were fatally stabbed by female followers of Manson on August 9, 1969. The youngest member of the Manson family, Leslie Van Houten, who was convicted of two counts of murder and one count of conspiracy to commit murder in 1978, was granted parole this September. California governor Jerry Brown, who will decide whether to approve Van Houten’s parole, had previously denied her parole last year. Other convicted members of the Manson family have also reportedly seen their parole requests denied.

“Right now we have one Manson family member on deck who has been granted a parole date … and it’s important for people to know that these are individuals that are still brutal monsters capable of committing heinous crimes. Although I’ve forgiven, I have not forgotten, and I feel it’s very important that they stay exactly where they are until they die,” Tate said. “In that way Charlie was the least of my worries. And I actually pray for his soul.”

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