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Amber Heard (Christopher Pearce/Getty Images for GQ Australia)

‘I fell for that’

The 2 adjectives used to describe a female character that send Amber Heard running from a movie script

By WITW Staff on November 17, 2017

Actress Amber Heard has spoken out against the limited roles for women in Hollywood, revealing in an interview that she will no longer even read scripts where her potential character’s defining attribute is her beauty.

“I started saying to my agents, ‘Don’t send me scripts where the first adjective in the female description is ‘beautiful,’” Heard told Allure magazine. “And if the second is ‘enigmatic,’ throw it in the trash.’ The word ‘enigmatic’ means ‘Her backstory doesn’t matter.’ I fell for that so many times.”

The actress added that her perspective on the status of women’s rights had undergone a dramatic transformation in the past year and a half — around the time that Heard divorced from Johnny Depp after alleging domestic abuse. At the time, Depp’s lawyers had argued that Heard’s accusations were a means of leveraging money out of the settlement. After the settlement, both Depp and Heard dropped their claims, and Heard donated her entire settlement to the ALCU, for its efforts combating violence against women, and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

“I have supported the [American Civil Liberties Union] since I was 16,” Heard said. “When I was growing up, my friends had ’NSync posters, and I collected feminist propaganda from World War II. Our mothers and grandmothers worked to make an environment that was deceptively comfortable. I took it for granted. By comparison to other places or previous generations, we’re doing great. Yeah, sure, there have been some sexist things here. I was so wrong. I was so fucking wrong.”

“Before the Grabber in Chief, before the reeling back that we collectively had as women, I had my own reeling back,” she added. “The roots of misogyny reach far deeper are far more ubiquitous. I didn’t realize that … I had been living with my head in the sand because I was comparing it to other places or to the past. I did not realize how far we have to go to be equal. [And by equal] I mean fair.”

Read the full story at Allure and Vanity Fair.


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