After woman speaks out about alleged Roy Moore groping, his supporters shift blame to Mitch McConnell

Tina Johnson. (NBC News / YouTube)

Tina Johnson, a resident of Gadsen, Alabama, has spoken out about the sexual harassment she allegedly suffered at the hands of Roy Moore, the Republican Senate candidate who has been accused of molesting five teenage girls while in his thirties. Speaking with NBC News, Johnson explained that she had visited Moore with her mother after her mother hired him to help them settle a custody petition.

“As soon as we hit the door he was real flirtatious, coming on the whole time. We were in there forever it seemed. I was scared to even say anything back to him negative. I was afraid of the outcome of the custody,” Johnson told NBC News. “So I just went with the flow and let him flirt. He was just constantly commenting on my looks. How pretty I was, he asked me how old I was, and he was kind of surprised I was 20-something. He got quiet a little bit and then said, ‘You don’t look that old,’ and then he proceeded to ask me out.”

Johnson said she explained to him that she was married, but that he continued to make “weird” and “very uncomfortable” comments about her looks and even her two small children. Johnson, who is now disabled and also a devout Christian, said that the worst part came just as she thought she was about to finally escape Moore’s office.

“We eventually got up to leave and as we did, my mother went first and then when I got up and went out, he grabbed my behind. Just hard,” Johnson recalled.

Watch video of Johnson on Megyn Kelly TODAY below.

In the wake of Johnson’s speaking out, a group of women supporters on Friday morning in Montgomery, Alabama, rallied to Moore’s defense. Seven women, including Moore’s wife, Kayla, spoke out in defense of the embattled candidate. Representing Women for Trump and the Tea Party movement, political activist Amy Kremer suggested that the accusations against Moore were not, in fact, the work of Democrats, as Moore’s campaign has previously claimed, but, rather, that they were “straight out of Mitch McConnell’s playbook.” Kayla Moore also fiercely defended her husband as a “gentleman,” and declared that he would never, under any circumstance, step down from his candidacy.

Watch the full press conference below.



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