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Women accuse ‘male feminist’ of violently raping and abusing them

Helen Donahue (Twitter)

A journalist who formerly wrote a satirical “Male Feminist” column for Vice’s Broadly has been banned from publishing his work on the site after he was publicly accused by multiple women of rape and assault.

The accusations began to emerge after Helen Donahue, who had previosuly worked for Vice as a social media editor, was inspired to speak out by a Buzzfeed report that revealed how former Broadly editor Mitchell Sunderland would email stories to Milo Yiannopolous so that he could mock feminists on Breitbart. Sick of writers who “hate women yet write abt feminism (sic),” Donahue posted photos to Twitter of bruises she suffered after an alleged assault by an unnamed so-called “feminist” writer. Another writer, Deirdre Coyle, responded to Donahue’s tweet by adding that “these bruises came from the same guy who physically forced me to do cocaine during sex.”

But the accusations weren’t done. Another woman, Dilara, then responded to Coyle’s tweet, revealing that she knew the man they were talking about, and that he had “choked me at the foot of his stairs until I passed out and then repeatedly punched me in the face.” Speaking privately, the women would confirm that they were all talking about freelance writer and former Broadly columnist Michael Hafford. A fourth woman, Abby Carney, would later tell Jezebel that Hafford had raped her as well.

While all four women said they had engaged in consensual relationships with Hafford at some point, they added that he had also had sex with them even after they told him not to — sometimes violently. Donahue said that Hafford had beat her while having sex with her while she was drunk, and that the bruises she saw the next morning were so terrible that she screamed in shock. Dilara revealed that she was in a consensual relationship with Hafford when he grew enraged that she wouldn’t take off her dress in his apartment building’s stairwell and choked her until she passed out. After she regained consciousness, she said she followed him into his apartment where they had intercourse. Hafford then began punching her repeatedly and forcibly put cocaine in her vagina, she said. The experience of being violated by a consensual partner, sadly, is not unusual. According to the Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network, 25 percent of rapes are perpetrated by a “current or former spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend.”

Speaking to Jezebel, Coyle and Carney also shared their own alleged experiences of rape by Hafford, and spoke candidly about the “denial” they struggled with in wake of the abuse.

Read the full story at Jezebel.


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