Rose McGowan turns herself in for drug charges that Harvey Weinstein reportedly helped publicize

Actress Rose McGowan (Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images)

After turning herself into Virginia officials on Tuesday in response to a drug possession charge, Rose McGowan spoke to The New Yorker’s Ronan Farrow about the strange circumstances surrounding the warrant for her arrest. The charges came after McGowan left her wallet on a plane after a flight to Dulles International Airport on January 20 in preparation for the Women’s March on Washington. According to a police report, when McGowan’s wallet was found by a staff member cleaning the plane, it contained two small bags of a substance that later was identified as cocaine.

McGowan, who had filed a lost-luggage claim and tweeted at United Airlines for help recovering her wallet, told Farrow that she had received a phone call from an airport police detective, Jerrod Hughes, who did not mention the cocaine but did ask her to retrieve her wallet. McGowan chose to not meet Hughes and instead left for the Women’s March — at the time, she explained, she was afraid that Hughes was not really with the airport, but rather a private investigator hired by Harvey Weinstein. The day after the March, she added, she received a message from a since-deleted Instagram account that read, “You left your wallet on your Saturday flight with your 2 bags of coke.” When Virginia officials issued a warrant for McGowan’s arrest on February 1, McGowan said she put off responding for months due to fear and uncertainty about “whether the warrant was real.”

While the warrant was real, McGowan’s paranoia also proved to be justified. A report found that Weinstein had been using spies and private investigators to intimidate and harass women, including McGowan, who spoke out about the alleged rapes and assaults he committed. And according to a source inside the Weinstein Company, Weinstein held a meeting with private investigators in September, before the media knew of the warrant for McGowan’s arrest, where he discussed leaking the news to The New York Post. Farrow reported that a Post journalist, who asked not to be named, did call McGowan about the story shortly afterward, which prompted McGowan to tweet out about the warrant while questioning whether someone was trying to “silence” her.

Speaking with Farrow, McGowan also spoke about her alleged drug use, and explained why she’s decided to fight the charges.

Read the full story at The New Yorker.


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