Sunday school teacher shielded grandson with her body during mass shooting at Texas church

Peggy Warden (Twitter)

A Sunday school teacher killed in the mass shooting at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs reportedly saved her 18-year-old grandson by shielding him with her body, according to The Associated Press. The teenager then reportedly followed his grandmother’s example by risking his life to save a small child.

Peggy Warden, 56, was one of 26 people who were killed during the fatal shooting in Texas on Sunday. Her grandson, Zach Poston, survived the attack, and told Warden’s brother, Jimmy Stevens, about her selfless act of heroism while recovering in the hospital on Thursday.

“Basically, Peggy stood up and just shielded over him while the shooter was shooting. And when she got hit in the back he said he turned — because he heard her — and when he turned to see if she was OK, she passed away immediately,” said Stevens.

Stevens added that Poston had been shot in the arms, legs, and side, when he noticed a small child who was trying to stand up from underneath a pew. As Poston shoved the child back underneath it, he was shot once more in the leg.

“He took what Peggy gave him and he passed it on to help someone else,” Steven said. It is believed that the child also survived the attack.

Read the full story at The Associated Press.


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