‘Had accomplices’

Russian journalist who survived being stabbed in the neck speaks out about brutal attack

Tatyana Felgenhauer (Twitter)

Tatyana Felgenhauer, the Russian radio journalist and Vladimir Putin critic who barely survived being stabbed in the neck last month, has told The Associated Press that she’s not convinced by the state’s claim that her attacker was insane. Authorities said Boris Grits, 48, attacked Felgenhauer as she came out of a morning news meeting on the 14th floor of the Echo of Moscow radio station, and after he evaded a security guard on the first floor by spraying him with gas. Moscow police have released video of Grits telling investigators that he was in “telepathic contact with Felgenhauer” and that the journalist had been “haunting him.” But the carefully planned nature of the attack Felgenhauer suggested, contradicted the police’s account.

“I’m confident that he is sane, he had planned it very carefully,” she said, wearing a scarf around her neck to hide her wounds. “He struck with determination.”

The Echo of Moscow’s editor-in-chief, Alexei Venediktov, went further.

“There are several weird elements in this case … that testify to the fact that he knew something that he won’t speak about … and that he had accomplices,” said Venediktov, who noted that the station had logged an “abnormal” number of threats to Felgenhauer following claims on state TV that the journalist had been paid by the U.S. to “[destabilize] society.”

“If we talk about Putin’s Russia,” he added, “so many people have been killed, maimed, attacked and threatened. But that’s not the main problem: the problem is these attacks go uninvestigated. The problem is that the justice system is sloppy about treating attacks on journalists.”

In recent years, a number of other journalists at Echo of Moscow have been attacked — including Yulia Latynina, who was forced to flee the country just two months ago.

Read the full story at The Associated Press.


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