Served cold

Republican who mocked Women’s March unseated by 1st-time politician he offended

Ashley Bennett (campaign website).

A New Jersey woman who decided to run for office for the first time after John Carman, a local Republican politician, joked that the Women’s March would interfere with women cooking dinner, unseated Carman in spectacular fashion on Tuesday. Ashley Bennett, 32, a psychiatric emergency screener at the crisis department at Cape Regional Hospital, was one of dozens of women who showed up at a January freeholder meeting for the Atlantic County Board of Chosen Freeholders, a county legislative body in New Jersey, to protest Carman’s remarks. At the meeting, Carman reportedly refused to apologize, claiming that “strong, confident women … didn’t get offended by this.” Bennett, along with a number of other women, walked out on the meeting in disgust at Carman’s comments.

Bennett then became one of a growing number of women to seek office since Donald Trump’s election, culminating in her victory over Carman, who had further alienated constituents by publicly wearing a confederate flag patch.

“People want change,” Bennett told after her unlikely win. “I am beyond speechless and incredibly grateful to serve my community. I never imagined I would run for office.”

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