‘Very sick’

Texas church shooter reportedly tried to bribe women to be with him

Devin Patrick Kelley, who killed at least 26 people at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, on Sunday, and wounded 20 more, exhibited disturbing behavior toward ex-girlfriends, according to a report by NBC News.

Katy Landry, who once dated Kelley, told the publication that he “stalked” her after they broke up.

“Years after dating me he would try to bribe me to hang out with him,” Landry, who met Kelley in church as a teenager, told NBC News in a Facebook message. “He ended up assaulting me. He would stalk me by repeatedly calling me — even prank calling me, saying really weird stuff.” She did not elaborate as to what “weird stuff” Kelley told her, but did opine that he was “very sick in the head.”

Brittany Adcock said she dated Kelley when she was just 13 years old — and he was 18. She told a similar story to Landry, saying that Kelley offered her money “to hang out with him” after their relationship had ended.

“He somehow would always find out my number although none of my friends talked to him and he would constantly call me until I blocked his number,” she said. “Then I’d get calls from an unknown number so I’ve had to change my number quite a bit.

Kelley, who served in the Air Force, also has a troubling history of domestic violence; in 2012, he was court martialed and found guilty of assaulting his wife and young stepson, reportedly fracturing the child’s skull.

And while many of the circumstances surrounding the shooting are not yet clear, Kelley may have been motivated by an argument with his mother-in-law, who is a parishioner at the church. In the hours before the attack, he sent her threatening text messages. And Kelley’s wife’s 71-year-old grandmother, Lula White, was in the church at the time of the rampage and killed by Kelley’s gunfire.

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Gunman behind Texas church rampage had history of domestic violence

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