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Trump is propelling a record number of women to run for office

By WITW Staff on November 6, 2017

Record numbers of women are running for public office, according to a new report by CNN. And many women entering the political fray are motivated by none other than President Donald Trump.

The surge in female candidates is reflected across the nation, in a number of different ways. Applications to Emerge America, which offers training courses to Democratic women, are up by 87 percent, for instance. Some 19,000 women have contacted Emily’s List, which helps pro-choice candidates get elected to office, about standing for election in the 2016 cycle since Trump got elected. Forty-three women are volleying to represent the Democratic Party in the Virginia House of Delegates — and 26 of those candidates have never before run in a public election.

“It’s unprecedented,” Virginia Democratic Caucus Chair Charniele Herring told CNN. “I think this is just the start.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, many women are driven to political action by their opposition to Trump and the policies of his administration. But Erin Loos Cutraro, co-founder and CEO of She Should Run, told CNN that Trump has in some ways exerted a positive influence, proving that unconventional candidates — including, perhaps, women — can attain the presidency.

“He fuels a conversation that there’s no one path to the White House, there’s no one background,” she said. “The electorate is obviously looking for a different model, a different type of leadership.”

Read the full story at CNN.


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