Pakistani girl, 16, forced to walk naked through the street in ‘honor’ dispute

(Twitter / BBC).

Armed men forced a 16-year-old girl to march half-naked through a village in Pakistan, claiming they had acted in the name of their family’s “honor.”

The incident stemmed from a dispute between two local families, the BBC reports. The brother of the unnamed victim was accused of engaging romantically with a local girl, whose family was enraged by the affair. A council of elders ordered the young man to pay a fine, and the conflict was officially closed — but the girl’s family was not appeased by the verdict.

The eight men who were apprehended in connection with the incident are reportedly related to this young woman. Police are searching for a ninth suspect. The victim told local media that she was filling water pitchers with her cousins when the men attacked her.

“They shoved me around, and I fell down,” she said, according to the BBC. “Then they cut my clothes with scissors. One of my cousins tried to cover me with her dupatta [a long scarf], but they snatched it away.”

She added that she ran into a house in an effort to hide from her attackers, but they dragged her back into the street. “A neighbor tried to intervene but they threatened him with their guns,” the girl said.

The girl was forced to stay outside, with her body exposed, for an hour. The men subsequently let her go.

Read the full story at the BBC.

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