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In wake of Weinstein scandal, Ben Affleck vows to address ‘my own behavior’

Ben Affleck. (YouTube / The Associated Press)

Ben Affleck, who, in the immediate days after the initial allegations of sexual misconduct against Harvey Weinstein emerged last month, found himself apologizing to actress Hilarie Burton for the way he treated her 14 years ago, is vowing to put his own behavior under the microscope. Affleck told The Associated Press that the allegations against Weinstein have opened many people’s eyes to how widespread the problems of sexual harassment and assault are not just in Hollywood, but all walks of life. And he said it’s caused him to reevaluate his own actions.

“For me, that means also looking at my own behavior and addressing that, and making sure that I’m part of the solution and, you know, making positive steps, and that we’re calling out other guys when we’re seeing behavior that’s inappropriate,” Affleck said. “Two things need to happen,” he continued. “One: more women need to be in positions of power so that women feel comfortable coming forward. And two … it can’t just be a woman’s issue. It’s gotta be a men’s issue as well, otherwise it will always be an issue.” In a separate interview, Affleck also said he would donate future residual payments from Weinstein-related films to charity.

Last month, Affleck issued an apology on Twitter to Burton after he was accused of groping her during a 2003 appearance on MTV’s TRL. Below, watch his complete remarks to the AP.

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