Feds deny permit for statue of naked woman on National Mall in D.C.

Artist's rendering of what the R-Evolution statue would look like next to the Washington Monument. (YouTube)

The federal government on Wednesday denied a permit to a group that was seeking to erect a nearly 48-foot-tall statue of a naked woman on the the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The National Parks service said it denied the permit to Catharsis on the Mall because the giant statue would diminish the property’s historic significance and damage the grass, but the group fired back saying the government is trying to silence women.

The group’s proposal called for the statue, known as “R-Evolution,” to be constructed near the Washington Monument and situated to directly face the White House for a period of 91 days, from November through March. Organizers from the group say the National Parks Service initially issued the permit and then took it away.

“They don’t want us to take action, they don’t want us to say enough is enough, they don’t want this symbol to remind women to stand up to the injustice this administration has forced upon them,” Natalie White, a Catharsis spokesperson, said in a statement.

Mike Litterst, a spokesman for the National Parks Service, said there wasn’t a political motive behind the decision. “The proposed nearly 48-foot height of the statue introduces a visual element that would diminish the property’s significant historic features by altering the setting and historic character of the National Mall landscape,” Litterst told the local NBC TV station. He added that the statue “would likely cause significant damage to and require replacement of the underlying turf and soil.”

The statue’s sculptor, Marco Cochrane, who has previously unveiled the work in California and Arizona, says it sends a message about women’s safety, a particularly contentious topic since the election of Donald Trump as president. “These sculptures are about expressing what it would be like if women were safe,” Cochrane said. “To me this sculpture answers that question … She’s absolutely fearless and accepting and being able to do that is a really powerful thing.”

Read the full story at NBC Washington.


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