Popular radio journalist, a Putin critic, stabbed in neck after being targeted in state media

Tatyana Felgenhauer (Twitter)

Tatiana Felgenhauer, one of Russia’s top independent radio broadcasters, was stabbed in the neck on Monday night in a brutal attack that was allegedly motivated by government criticism of the station. Felgenhauer, 32, the deputy chief editor of the Echo of Moscow radio station, was attacked by a blogger named Boris Grits who had published multiple articles outlining his hatred of the journalist. In what appears to have been a premeditated attack, Grits blinded security at the radio station with gas and then rushed to the 14th floor of the station, where he stabbed Felgenhauer as she was coming out of a morning news meeting. Felgenhauer was reportedly rushed to a hospital where surgeons were able to save her life.

Felgenhauer, who had been a “key reporter covering anti-Putin protests” according to Echo’s international observer Tonia Samsonova, was frequently the target of criticism from the government and state media. Just this month, Kremlin-controlled TV network Rossia-24 had gone so far as to claim that Felgenhauer was secretly working for the U.S. State Department.

“Tania is the face and voice of Echo of Moscow, each of us feels stabbed this morning,” Samsonova told The Daily Beast. “It was the state that has previously inspired the hateful, aggressive public attitude against our journalists.”

Felgenhauer isn’t the first journalist at the station to be attacked. Last month, famous Echo of Moscow journalist Yulia Latynina was forced to leave the country after multiple attacks — including an incident where feces was poured all over her face and another where her car was set on fire. Two years ago, another Echo of Moscow presenter, Karina Orlova, also fled the country after death threats. According to Anna Nemtsova of The Daily Beast, President Vladimir Putin is more than happy to encourage such attacks on his critics — when he isn’t actively carrying them out himself.

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