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TransParent co-CEO Liz Elting.

Women @ Work

CEO is 39th on Forbes list of wealthiest self-made women

By WITW Staff on October 17, 2017

Meet Liz Elting, the co-CEO of TransPerfect. She’s ranks at No. 39 on the Forbes list of America’s wealthiest self-made women, and has a higher net worth than titans of the music industry like Beyoncé and Taylor Swift. She’s also a mother of two. In the latest episode of Women @ Work, Women in the World founder and CEO Tina Brown interviews Elting about what exactly TransPerfect does and how it’s allowed her to amass such remarkable wealth. Elting also discusses the top skills that have allowed her to flourish and become the success that she is. And she says it’s good for women to be bossy at work “because that’s how you get to the be the boss.” She adds, “A leader needs to take charge and be the boss.” Elting also reveals the crucial piece of advice her father gave her when she was young that she really took to heart. She also said her parents encouraged her to work at a very young age, and she began doing small jobs when she was 10. Watch the full interview above.

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