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Role reversal

Ads featuring women in suits pictured beside naked men prompt fierce debate on gender roles

By WITW Staff on October 17, 2017

Women’s fashion company Suistudio’s new ad campaign is creating an uproar with a trope-reversing ad campaign in which women in suits pose dominantly in front of submissive naked men. By using naked men as props, much in the same way that classically male-targeted ads have always used nude women, Suistudio vice president Kristina Barricelli said that the ad campaign, titled “Not Dressing Men,” would encourage viewers to re-envision “rigid gender roles.” Below, see a sampling of the photos used in the ads.

Some users on social media, men particularly, have criticized the ad campaign as sexist.

“These men are someone’s son, friend, brother,” wrote one man on Facebook. “To give the message to young women that it’s ok to treat men like walking wallets whom they can belittle is disgusting. Yes, the tables were reversed years ago but we are all trying to move on … Just disgusting.”

How exactly the naked men in the ad campaign were being treated like “walking wallets” was not made clear by the Facebook commenter — particularly when it was the women in suits who were depicted as empowered earners. Not everyone, though, has been offended by the ad campaign. Many have lauded the risque idea for being subversive, and one person praised it as “an amazing social commentary piece.” Meanwhile, some social media users just loved it for what it is.

What do you think about the “Not Dressing Men” ad campaign? Do you agree that it forces a conversation on gender roles, or do you think it’s just a new spin on an old version of sexism in advertising? Vote in our poll below.

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