Women’s March says Bernie Sanders is not headlining big convention

Bernie Sanders. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

The Women’s March has issued a statement suggesting that U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont will not be headlining the Women’s Convention being held in Detroit later this month. The group issued a statement on Facebook Saturday saying, “We are sorry we caused hurt and confusion for so many of you this week.” The apparent decision to announce Sanders as the headliner sparked a fierce backlash from many feminists on Friday. The statement from organizers went on to say, “We acknowledge the announcement about Senator Sanders gave the impression he is occupying a central role at the convention. (He is not.)” He is still slated to be among the speakers at the convention.

The confusion over Sanders’ apparent leading role at the convention seemed to stem from a Tweet by the Women’s March in announcing his participation. The tweet, as you can see below, linked to a story by USA Today, which noted that Sanders was headlining the event, but that story has now been corrected and clarified.

In another tweet, the Women’s March issued a more forceful statement, saying, “Let’s clear this up: Senator Sanders is not headlining or opening the #WomensConvention.” Tamika Mallory, who had vigorously defended the decision to feature Sanders as a speaker, also pointed out that U.S. Representative Maxine Waters of California is actually the headliner.

Choosing Sanders to headline the event would undoubtedly a divisive issue. Women in the World ran an unscientific Twitter poll over the weekend to get snapshot of what people thought about the idea. Nearly, 6,900 Twitter users took part and the result was a virtual deadlock, with 50 percent of respondents for and 50 percent against the senator headlining the convention.


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