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Gloria Steinem (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for HBO)


Gloria Steinem says Harvey Weinstein was ‘turned on by powerlessness’

October 13, 2017

In an interview with Elle’s Mattie Kahn, Gloria Steinem shared her take on what drove Harvey Weinstein’s predatorial behavior, and explained why people when she was young, and even today, so easily excused men who sought to dominate and control others.

Weinstein, Steinem said, appeared to many to be a contradiction.

“He is probably the best in Hollywood for supporting talented, powerful women,” said Steinem. “And turned on by powerlessness, because male-dominant culture has told him he has to dominate. He can deal with smart women whom he sees as his equals; presumably, that’s not sexualized to him. It’s dominance that’s been sexualized.”

To combat men who exhibit such predatory behavior, she advised, the best thing one could do is to communicate — especially with other women.

“We bring charges against him. We tell all our friends, ‘Watch out for this guy.’ We support each other,” said Steinem, adding that “every great social justice movement has started with consciousness … people sitting around in a circle, telling their personal stories that they think only happen to them … and realizing that if it’s happening to all these unique people, it’s political, and if we get together we can do something about it.”

From that perspective, Steinem added, she had never been more hopeful about the state of the women’s rights movement — in large part due to Trump’s election, she noted, women “are now ‘woke,’” and less afraid to protest or speak up.

Steinem also shared her thoughts on the mentality of women who voted for Trump, the psychology underlying the male obsession with abortion and contraception, as well as what makes people like Ivanka Trump — and the late Hugh Hefner — “hopeless.”

Read the full story at Elle.


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