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New photo project aims to convince dads to talk to their daughters about feminism


Sham Hinchey and Marzia Messina, beside being creative partners, are also the parents of a 10-year-old daughter, Penelope, who inspired them for their latest project, Dear Daughters. “Through her we have seen how children of this age start asking questions regarding social issues and it is interesting to watch them process news, trying to rationalize and decipher events which in their minds are absurd or unjust,” Messina told HuffPost. That’s why the Brooklyn-based artists had 22 men come in to their studio to have their portraits taken with their daughters (all between 8 and 11 years of age) while sitting down and engaging in some real talk about feminism.


They used a self-created board game, featuring cards with questions like “name a woman you admire” to facilitate a conversation between the father-daughter couples. They said that they noticed that for some of them, it was the first time they actually touched on these issues. “Asking men to take time with their daughters can help to open up their eyes on an issue which is very close to them,” Hinchey explained. “Male chauvinism and feminism are not abstract concepts, they are issues that are most likely already at their doorstep and will most certainly be a part of their daughter’s life in the future. If we question, empathize, listen and educate ourselves first and foremost then it will push us to focus on the problems and responsibilities, making it easier to pass down this awareness to our children through dialogue and practice.” The artists said they were hoping to expand their project across the United States and eventually publish a book with their photos and conversations.

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