DNA tests implicate 2nd uncle in rape of girl, 10, who gave birth after being refused abortion


DNA tests on the baby of a 10-year-old Indian girl who investigators say was raped by her uncle have implicated another uncle as the baby’s father, according to Chandigarh police. The girl, who gave birth by caesarean-section in August after being refused an abortion by India’s supreme court, had initially told police that she had been raped by her uncle multiple times. But after DNA testing of the girl’s baby, the 41-year-old younger brother of that uncle was revealed as the baby’s father. Both men had reportedly taken turns raping the girl, who was the daughter of their cousin. The second uncle, a cook by profession, was said to have confessed to the crime after being caught by police while attempting to flee to Nepal. After being asked about the second uncle, the girl testified that he had raped her as well.

The girl was reportedly left unaware that she has pregnant, and was instead told that she had a stone in her stomach that had to be removed. The girl’s parents say that she remains unaware that she gave birth, and that her child has been given up for adoption.

Read the full story at The International Business Times.


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