Tale of 2 Trumps

Teenager injured in Las Vegas massacre thanks Trump for ‘comforting’ visit

President Trump and first lady Melania Trump visit with Las Vegas shooting survivor Tiffany Huizarin and her family at UMC Hospital on Wednesday. (The White House)

Tiffany Huizar, who was hospitalized on Sunday after the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas, says that she appreciated the very “comforting” visit she received from President Donald Trump.

“He was super nice,” the 18-year-old said from her bed at University Medical Center. “He wasn’t who we see on social media. He was much more comforting.”

Huizar’s impression of the president stands in stark contrast to the one Trump left after visiting hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico the day before. After his visit to the island, Carmen Yulin Cruz, the mayor of San Juan, said Trump’s behavior in Puerto Rico was “terrible and abominable” and that his visit amounted to a P.R. stunt.

Trump and first lady Melania met with several of the more than 500 people injured in the mass-shooting during their day-long Vegas trip on Wednesday. Video of Huizar talking about Trump went viral on social media, providing a much needed boost to the image of a man who was recently seen throwing supplies as though they were basketballs at hurricane survivors in Puerto Rico.

Asked about what made Trump seem so comforting, Huizar said, “I don’t know, I guess tone of voice, and just, the way he was.”

Watch video of Huizar below.

Read the full story at Inside Edition.


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