Watch Michelle Obama unleash some truth about what it’s like being a woman

Michelle Obama. (Twitter / C-SPAN)

Michelle Obama appeared this week at the at Pennsylvania Conference for Women in Philadelphia where she took part in a discussion with acclaimed television producer Shonda Rhimes about women’s empowerment. C-SPAN posted a highlight from the conversation on Twitter and it shows the former first lady really cutting to the heart of the challenges that women in all walks of life face every day. Rhimes had asked Obama, “Do you think that women in general have less chances to fail? You fail once, people start labeling you faster than they’d label a man ever.” Obama replied saying that women and minorities are especially subject to a constant raising and moving of the bar. “The bars are different,” she said.

Obama also took a thinly-veiled shot at President Donald Trump as she illustrated her point. “I joked when I was on the campaign trail that the bar just kept moving. Ya know, like, woah … woah!” she said gesturing with her hand that for her the bar was constantly being set higher. “You’d meet it and then the bar would change.” She added, “And we’re seeing that now, quite frankly, the bar is … I mean …” Obama then gestured with her hand that the bar lately just keeps dropping. “That bar is going places,” Rhimes then quipped.

Watch the full highlight below. And tune into C-SPAN on Saturday, October 7 at 8 p.m. Eastern time to see the full conversation.


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