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British Prime Minister Theresa May delivers her keynote speech to delegates and party members on the last day of the Conservative Party Conference at Manchester Central on October 4, 2017 in Manchester, England. (Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)

Women in power

As Theresa May faces political rebellion, critics launch sexist attacks against her

By WITW Staff on October 5, 2017

Theresa May’s keynote speech at the end of the Conservative party’s annual party conference descended into chaos after she endured a coughing fit and a comedian handed her a ‘pink slip’ on stage. As May struggled to make herself heard due to a nagging sore throat, letters from the slogan on the wall behind her started to fall off.

Going into the conference, May had become the target of intense criticism from her own party over her handling of Brexit — including outright rebellion from MP Boris Johnson. But making matters worse have been seemingly sexist attacks against her in the form of leaked statements by party insiders implying that May is too emotional to be an effective leader. Anonymous reports have alleged that May’s voice cracked while speaking with the Queen, that she sobbed after a difficult election night, and even that she cried backstage after her recent keynote speech.

In Clinton’s new book, What Happened, the former presidential candidate noted that while male politicians tend to be praised for crying in public, women politicians who cry are perceived as weak or unfit to lead. “My eyes glistened for a moment,” Clinton wrote. “That was it. It became the biggest news story in America.”

Read the full story at The Daily Beast.


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