Plus-size Muslim model has a bold message about body positivity


Leah Vernon, a 30-year-old Detroit native wears many hats: plus-size model, Muslim feminist, activist, and blogger. Her most recent YouTube video, titled “Body Project,” shows her dancing through the streets, to spread a powerful message. “I’m fat, I’m black, and I’m very visibly Muslim, this is going to make some people angry, and it’s going to empower some,” says Vernon, who opens the video asking, “Do I make you uncomfortable?”

Vernon added that she has often lacked self-confidence because of how she looks and was afraid of possible negative comments when making the video. Nevertheless, she pushed through. “Yeah you’re fat, yeah you’re black, and yeah you’re Muslim, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying to live your life,” she said. “I think that’s what body positivity is about, about living your best life, in your body that you have now.” She hopes her video might inspire other people to be unafraid to be themselves, unapologetically. “Not fear how other people view you, and not necessarily try to always seek validation from other people, because we have to validate ourselves first,” she added. Watch her video below.

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