‘The future’

Ivanka Trump leading $200M White House push for STEM education effort

(Clemens Bilan - Pool /Getty Images)

Ivanka Trump, daughter and senior advisor to President Trump will spearhead a $200 million effort by the White House to expand STEM and computer science education in schools, which was announced on Monday. The private sector will contribute an additional $300 million for computer science programs, with Google, Facebook, Amazon and others pitching in. In a Monday conference call with reporters, Trump called the initiative  “an enormous step forward toward an important milestone of aligning the skills being taught in our classroom with the jobs that exist in the country.” The effort was announced as a presidential memorandum which President Trump signed in the Oval Office on Monday afternoon. The first daughter will visit a public school on Wednesday, alongside Microsoft President Brad Smith and nonprofit Code.org CEO Hadi Partovi, to highlight STEM and computer education.  Earlier this year, Ivanka announced that her and her 6-year old daughter, Arabella, would be taking a summer coding class, calling it “the language of the future.”

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