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(Photo by Mark Dadswell/Getty Images)


Women in Amsterdam in uproar over lack of public toilets after judge tells woman to use urinal

By WITW Staff on September 22, 2017

Nearly 10,000 women are reportedly planning to gather at urinals across Amsterdam on Friday in protest of the lack of public toilets available to women in the city. An uproar over the fact that Amsterdam has only three public toilets for women was stirred after a judge told a woman who was caught urinating on a side street after a night out that she should have used one of Amsterdam’s 35 public urinals instead.

Geerte Piening, 23, had decided to fight a fine for public urination in court by explaining that she only relieved herself in the alley because it was past the closing time of local bars and the nearest women’s toilets were more than a mile away. The judge upheld the fine, reprimanding her for not using a man’s urinal.

“It would not be pleasant but it can be done,” the judge said.

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