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Why the search for a homecoming dance dress brought this teen to tears


A senior at Ironwood High School in Arizona went shopping for a homecoming dress with her mom – but unfortunately, “a day that should’ve been magical was filled with tears,” her mother wrote on her blog, Slap Dash Mom. “Because patriarchy.” Due to Jenelle’s height, the 6-foot-tall teenager has trouble finding a dress that is not too short and still adheres to the “no more than inch above the knee” rule. The school posted a message to its website, suggesting students might want to look at some stores that sell “modest” dresses or have their parents “sew gorgeous alterations” to comply with the dress code, but mom Sadie Roach thought those suggestions were either unaffordable or laughable. She decided not to fight the school since there is “no wiggle room,” but after an onerous process, found her daughter a dress — several sizes too big – that she can make work using a bow cinching it at the waist. The real lesson she wants her daughter to take away, however, is that she shouldn’t let any dress code make her feel bad about her body, and that penalizing girls in order not to “distract” the boys is fundamentally unfair. “I hope she learned sooner rather than later that even in the corporate world, things aren’t fair across the board for females,” Roach says. “We have to work twice as hard to get half as far, and it’s an uphill battle, but we take it in stride,” she added.

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