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Enterprising woman

Engineer-turned-auto mechanic wants to teach women about their cars

By WITW Staff on September 22, 2017

Patrice Banks gave up a six-figure job as an engineer to go back to school and become an auto mechanic back in 2014,  and is now on a mission to share her newfound knowledge with other women. “The whole perception in the culture has always been that cars are for men. ‘It’s not for me I don’t want to get my hands dirty,” the Philadelphia-native, who has worked as an auto technician for the past three years. “But women can get it. They can understand it — it’s not rocket science.” Banks opened up her own auto repair shop, Girls Auto Clinic, staffed with only female mechanics and with a fun extra: a beauty bar, where women can get their nails done while waiting on their cars.

The enterprising “sheCANic” is also reaching out to women with “Glove Box Guide,” her book that comes out this week, which tells women the essentials about car maintenance. Her purpose was to make everything understandable to a wide audience, which means using some rather unexpected metaphors. “I tell women to think of their engine like a vagina,” she told Metro. “The purpose of oil is to lubricate. Your engine has a ton of fast-moving metal parts inside, sometimes moving at 3,000 revolutions per minute. Imagine all that going on without lubrication.” Earlier this year, NBC News did a profile on Banks. Watch that below.

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