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Justin Trudeau delivers an impassioned speech declaring ‘Men can be feminists, too’ at WE Day event

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speak on stage at the WE Day U.N. at The Theater at Madison Square Garden on September 20, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images for We Day)

It can’t be said enough and, well, the lovable Canadian prime minister just keeps preaching it. “Men can be feminists,” Trudeau declared while standing alongside his wife, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, onstage at the WE Day U.N. inside the Madison Square Garden theater. “It’s not only that men can be feminists, it’s that men should be feminists as well,” an impassioned Trudeau told the audience, which erupted in applause. He also touted the He For She U.N. initiative and reminded people that while there’s been progress made, there’s still work to be done including men “shutting down some of those negative conversations we get in locker rooms … in bro culture. We need to know that we are better than that! How we treat our sisters, our girlfriends, our cousins, our mothers, and the world around us, matters! We need to take back what it is to be a man, and that means being open, compassionate, respectful and brave about standing up for it,” Trudeau thundered, leaving the audience going wild. Watch his complete speech below. He takes the stage at the 4-hour 40-minute mark. There are so many reasons to admire Trudeau, right down to his choice of socks.

Of course, Trudeau is fresh off his appearance on the Women in the World stage at the inaugural Canada Summit in Toronto last week, where he was interviewed by Tina Brown. During that conversation, Trudeau talked about what still needs to happen for true gender equity to be achieved in the U.S. and Canada. “If we’re going to elevate women, some men are going to lose some power that they unjustly have,” the prime minister said. “Men have an essential role to play in feminism, in equality,” he continued, “because, like it or not, we have power that is unjustly given to us that we need to use and put in service of leveling the playing field.” Watch the full interview below. Near the end, Brown asks Trudeau “the ultimate feminist question.”


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