‘Trust in God’

Meet Siervas, the all-nun rock band that’s skyrocketing to worldwide fame

Siervas (YouTube)

Despite what you may have heard, rock is not dead — and it’s a bunch of nuns who are helping to keep it alive. Eleven Catholic nuns hailing from 8 different countries form one of the more unlikely success stories in today’s rock music scene. Their band, named Siervas (Spanish for “The Servants”), originated in a Peruvian convent three years ago and is now performing internationally, and has released two records. And they have become a bonafide cultural force. The band has also racked up more than a million YouTube views, with the video for the song “Hoy Despierto,” or “Today I Wake Up,” nearing 700,000 views. It’s a pretty groovy tune. Check it out below, and be sure to pay attention to the face-melting guitar solos in the middle and at the end.

Another video for the group’s hit song “Confía en Dios,” or “Trust in God,” has amassed more than 1 million views on the VydiaPopVEVO YouTube page. Watch that one below. It features Siervas on a helipad atop a skyscraper playing. The video has all the hallmarks of of the genre in terms of look and feel. They clearly know the territory.

The nuns are hopeful they might earn a Latin Grammy nomination when the nominees are announced on Wednesday. The nuns, all in their 20s, 30s, or 40s perform in black-and-white habits, wearing silver crosses but play real upbeat Latin pop-rock. Music was a hobby at first for the women, after their day jobs helping poor and incarcerated women in Peru. After they started writing original music, they put out a CD, and generated enough interest in Peru — and online — to eventually launch the group’s international career. “We think this music, or this genre, resonates with young people today,” said Sister Andrea Garcia, a 47-year-old member of the group, who used to listen to Michael Jackson when she was in college. “Our goal is that through the melodies, our lyrics will reach people.” And they seem to do doing just that, demonstrating some crossover appeal. “I am not a churchgoer, but I love this music,” Milagros Lizarraga, a 53-year-old real estate agent from Simi Valley, California, told The Associated Press. “I love it because they are breaking a paradigm. They are out of the box.”

See some more highlights of them playing and hear a couple of them talk about rockin’ out to the AP in the video below.

Read the full story at The Associated Press.


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