Ivanka Trump issues an unapologetic rebuke to critics who call her ‘complicit’

Assistant to the President and Donlad Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Ivanka Trump has hit back at Hillary Clinton and other critics who claim that she has been “complicit” in her father’s policies, telling The Financial Times that such complaints are the result of “unrealistic expectations.”

In a recent interview with Refinery29, Hillary Clinton had condemned Ivanka for either remaining “silent” or giving “lip service to contrary points of view” while her father runs roughshod over abortion rights and initiatives intended to combat the gender pay gap. But according to Ivanka, asking her to contradict her father in public is unreasonable.

“Some people have created unrealistic expectations of what they expect from me,” said Ivanka. “That my presence in and of itself would carry so much weight with my father that he would abandon his core values and the agenda that the American people voted for when they elected him. It’s not going to happen. To those critics, shy of turning my father into a liberal, I’d be a failure to them.”

Ivanka, a self-described feminist, had formerly been seen as a prominent and progressive figure in the art world — a reputation that led a number of artists to write letters to Ivanka asking her to try to reign in her father. Given that Trump himself was once a Democrat and pro-abortion rights before latching onto the birtherism movement and using it to launch himself into the political sphere, perhaps it’s understandable that some held out hope that Ivanka could make an impact on her father’s evidently impressionable psyche. But at this point, Ivanka says, “To voice dissent publicly would mean I’m not part of the team.”

Given how President Trump has reacted to others who have criticized him, Ivanka might be wise not to risk losing her father’s trust, her unique political position, and her leading role in the Trump organization by publicly opposing his policies. But there might be a glimmer of hope for those wondering if President Trump might still be convinced to return to some of his more liberal roots. On Thursday morning, Trump announced that he was moving closer to a deal with Democrats to shield nearly 800,000 immigrants from deportation.

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