The sons we share

Mothers overcome unimaginable grief and unite in pursuit of a bigger cause

Bushra Awad and Robi Damelin have each lost sons to the fighting between Israelis and Palestinians, but they are building bridges in a quest for peace

Two extraordinary mothers — one Israeli and one Palestinian — appeared onstage at the Women in the World Canada Summit on Monday. Together, the unlikely pair, brought together by shared tragedies, are transforming their personal losses into reconciliation and forgiveness. Bushra Awad, a member of the The Parents Circle/Families Forum, Robi Damelin spokesperson for The Parents Circle/Families Forum in a candid and intimate discussion with Anna Maria Tremonti, host of CBC Radio’s The Current. Joining them onstage as an interpreter was Manar Faraj, the education projects manager for Parents Circle/Families Forum.

Awad and Damelin have appeared several times on the Women in the World stage before, but their stories and their tremendous abilities to overcome the loss of a child and find common ground is as extraordinary and gripping as ever. Both Awad and Damelin have lost sons to the fighting between Israelis and Palestinians. And both women are determined to channel their private tragedies into a force for change. In the video above, the two share their heartbreaking but ultimately hopeful story.

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