Flipping the script

Little boy seems to have more respect for women’s bodies than major advertising companies

Even kids know there’s something wrong with some of the norms of the advertising business

Preach, kiddos. Preach. During a video montage shown to the audience at the Women in the World Canada Summit, a young boy is shown explaining why nearly nude images of women that have long been used in the advertising amount to a damaging practice. “I don’t think it’s OK to show women like that because, um, it’s private.” A little girl is also shown displaying a similar awareness about the issue. “Well, I think kids would feel uncomfortable with it if you’re next to it,” she says. They are simple and innocent thoughts, but they cut right to the heart of the problem.

The ceaseless objectification of women in the media world and the advertising business  sends a message to young women that they are valued solely on their appearances, not for who they are and what they can accomplish. At the Women in the World Canada Summit, four cultural leaders convened for the “Flipping the Script” panel moderated by Wendy Mesley, anchor of The National and The Passionate Eye on CBC News. Madonna Badger, a former advertising executive and the chief creative officer and founder of Badger & Wintersoffer, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, Canada’s first lady and a prominent advocate for gender equality, Roseanne Supernault, an actress, activist and founder of Next Gen Productions, and Carolyn Tastad, group president of P&G North America and the company’s executive sponsor for gender equality appeared onstage to discuss some of the changes already taking place in the entertainment and advertising business. The also offered proven tactics for portraying women in a more positive and powerful light, and shared some startling statistics that demonstrate why doing so is critical to raising a new generation of strong, self-confident women.

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