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Co-hosts of ‘The View’ give Hillary Clinton ‘the perfect gift’ during her appearance on show

Joy Behar presenting Hillary Clinton with a gift on The View. (Twitter / ABC)

Hillary Clinton paid a visit to The View on Wednesday, a day after her election memoir What Happened hit bookshelves. The former secretary of state and Democratic presidential nominee sat down with the co-hosts for a conversation that spread over three segments and touched on a range of topics, and included a few tough questions. It was during the last segment, though, that Joy Behar presented Clinton with a gift that drew raucous applause from the studio audience and an ear-to-ear grin from the former candidate. The conversation had turned to the second presidential debate against Donald Trump, one that was the topic of an excerpt from the book that was released last month.

Clinton was talking about how she’d practiced in debate prep being followed around by the man who was playing Trump, and she said going into the debate she would be comfortable with Trump “stalking me” during the contest. But then it actually happened, and she said “it felt so different” than what she had been expecting. She’s previously mentioned that she wanted to turned around and tell Trump to back off.

“We got you something,” Behar said, pulling a sweatshirt from underneath the table where they were all seated. “And you can just wear this from now on.” Behar unfurled the shirt which was emblazoned with the embroidered head of a lion and the words “Back Up.” Clinton was most amused. Watch below

Clinton has been on quite the media blitz of late promoting her new book. And we know you’ve got a job and it’s probably hard to keep up with all of the media appearances. She definitely has a set of talking points she’s been sticking to, but each of the interviews has had some unique moments as well. Below, find the full videos of her appearances on The View, NBC’s Today show, where she appeared on Wednesday, followed by her interview with Jane Pauley on CBS Sunday Morning.

Clinton on The View.

Clinton on Today.

Clinton on Sunday Morning.


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