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Awesome chainsaw-wielding nun helps with cleanup effort in Florida amid devastation left by Irma

Sister Margaret Ann. (Facebook)

As the cleanup and recovery effort has gotten underway in Florida after Hurricane Irma left a path of flooding and destruction in its wake, a nun is being hailed as a hero online after video emerged showing her wielding a chainsaw and chopping up trees felled by the monster storm. The video has gone viral.

Sister Margaret Ann, of Archbishop Coleman F. Carroll High School, can be seen in a video posted on social media by the Miami-Dade Police Department using the power tool to get down to business and cut up branches that were obstructing a small road. Sister Margaret Ann appeared to be using a gas-powered chainsaw (as opposed to an electric-powered one), which is no joke.

“As we recover from #HurricaneIrma, these acts of kindness remind us all that we are #OneCommunity in #MiamiDadeCounty! Thank you Sister and all of our neighbors that are working together to get through this! #MiamiDadeStrong,” the police wrote on Facebook.

The sight of Sister Margaret Ann, in full habit and nun dress, her robes blowing in the post-tropical storm breeze, amused social media users — and won her fans. Some worried about her wearing such loose-fitting clothing while operating such a dangerous power tool, but most just praised her heroics.

One Facebook user, Carolyn S Hennecy, commented, “I love it. I love her. We are women. Hear our chainsaws roar!!”

“Prayers are great, but prayer accompanied by action is powerful,” another Facebook user, Kevin A. Reed, wrote.

Read the full story at The Daily Mail.


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