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Federal lawyer for Trump administration includes questionable detail on résumé

Candice Jackson, assistant secretary for civil rights at the Education Department (Twitter).

Experts have gained valuable insight into President Trump’s hiring process after Politico discovered that Candice Jackson, a leading lawyer at the Education Department’s civil rights division, had listed her work attacking Hillary Clinton in ads and videos as one of her “top five qualifications” on her résumé.

According to a copy of Jackson’s résumé obtained by Politico, Jackson noted in her “top five qualifications” that she was responsible for bringing women who had accused President Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct to a presidential debate between Trump and Hillary Clinton last year. Jackson’s résumé also included claims that she had opposed Hillary Clinton’s “lifelong corruption and hypocritical claim to defend women and children” and that she would bring “unique perspective due to also being a gay Republican.” Since beginning her duties for the Trump administration in the spring, Jackson has perhaps become best known for publicly suggesting that 90 percent of sexual assault claims are fraudulent.

While it might be unclear to some how Jackson’s sexuality or disdain for Hillary Clinton qualified her for a leading role in the Education Department’s civil rights division, it should be noted that Jackson’s résumé had at least one slightly relevant piece of information — a history of her opposition to affirmative action stemming from her time at law school.

Read the full story at Politico.


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