College roommates make startling — and heartwarming — discovery about each other and their moms

College roommates Roaya Jannatipour (L) and Nissma Bencheikh. (Twitter)

Two women who lost touch some 16 years ago were finally reunited as a result of a remarkable case of serendipity between their respective daughters. Their daughters, Nissma Bencheikh, 19, and Roaya Jannatipour, 18, happened to meet during their freshman year at the University of California, Berkeley. They quickly became friends, and noticed that they shared a number of similarities. “We hit it off right away, we’re both pre-med, both Canadian, both Moroccan,” Bencheikh told ABC News, explaining that the two of them even decided to move in together for their sophomore year.

When Roaya Face-Timed her mother and introduced her to Nissma’s dad, they realized shortly into their conversation that the families had been neighbors years ago, and their mothers, Naima Souissi and Saida Chehbouni, were once best friends. They realized that they had known each other as babies and there were photos with the two of them together — as tots.

But 16 years ago, life took Naima and Saida in separate directions. The two friends separated when one of the families moved from California to Canada and fell out of touch because neither of them had a computer or a phone at the time. “How often do you find out that one of your best friends as a young adult you actually have baby pictures with that you don’t even remember?” Nissma marveled. Naima and Saida finally met up again in New York this past week for the first time in more than a decade. “I missed you so much,” Naima said, as both of them cried. Chehbouni added that she still thought of Souissi as “my best friend and my family.” Watch their tearful reunion — which was a total surprise — in the video below.

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