Gender pay gap

Amy Schumer denies having demanded to be paid the same as Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle

Amy Schumer accepts the award for Most Valuable Person in Film and TV during the 21st Annual Critics' Choice Awards in Santa Monica, California January 17, 2016. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni - RTX22TFK

When comedian Amy Schumer learned that Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle were going to be paid $20 million apiece by Netflix for their respective comedy specials, her team went back to renegotiate her original offer of $11 million for Amy Schumer: The Leather Special. Framing the difference in terms of equal pay, they were able to obtain “significantly more compensation,” Variety reported on Wednesday.

When some outlets started reporting that Schumer had asked to be paid the same amount as the two other comedy stars, she set the record straight in an Instagram post: “I believe women deserve equal pay. However I don’t believe I deserve equal pay to Chris and Dave. They are legends and 2 of the greatest comics of all time, “ she wrote, adding that while she did ask for more than the initial offer, it was untrue she demanded to be paid the same as them. “I would like to say that I have been selling out arenas these last couple years. Something a female comic has never done. That’s a big deal to me, especially because I know I do my best every night on stage for the audience and they have a good time,” she added, promising to continue to “work my ass off.”

Schumer was the only woman on Forbes’ list of highest-paid comedians in 2017, proving that the issue of equal pay remains a crucial one in the entertainment sector. This could also be gleaned from Forbes’ list of highest-paid actors, released on Tuesday. The top 10 men in 2017 earned a cumulative $488.5 million, which is almost three times the combined total of the 10 highest-paid women, who raked in $172.5 million combined. Only three women made more than $20 million last year, compared to 16 male actors.  Topping the list for the men is Mark Wahlberg, who made  a whopping $68 million last year — more than double what Emma Stone, 2016’s highest paid actress made. Fourteen male actors earned more than Stone in 2016, putting the gender pay gap in Hollywood into stark perspective.

Read the full story at Forbes and Decider.


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