Breitbart editor apparently thinks he can run Ivanka Trump out of the White House ‘by the end of the year’

(L to R) Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, senior adviser Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, Steve Bannon, former Chief Strategist for U.S. President Donald Trump, and former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

An email exchange between a Breitbart editor and a prankster impersonating the ‘news’ company’s executive chairman, Steve Bannon, apparently revealed a plot by Breitbart staff to get Ivanka Trump removed from her father’s administration. Within days of Bannon’s resignation as White House chief strategist, the right-wing site put out a series of stories criticizing Ivanka — including one article that claimed that she helped oust Bannon and another condemning her for tweeting in support of counter-protesters at a white nationalist rally in Boston.

Bannon, according to The New York Times, had “openly complained to colleagues” about Ivanka’s influence in the White House, but his escalating feud with the first daughter was made unambiguous after Breitbart editor-in-chief Alexander Marlow was tricked into revealing that the Breitbart staff hoped to write enough negative stories about Ivanka to push her out of the White House “by end of year.”

The prankster, who goes by the Twitter handle @SINON_REBORN, was highlighted in a story by CNN after he used the email address steven.bannon@usa.com to catfish Marlow into thinking he was talking with his boss. In comments made to the prankster, Marlow suggested that stories published on Breitbart had “spooked” Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner, and also appeared to allude to a prior conversation in which Bannon referred to the couple as “evil.” In another juicy part of the exchange, Marlow attempted to pander to Bannon by telling him that the “best conspiracy on the whole internet is Jared is an actual cuckhold.”

Amazingly, Marlow still didn’t catch onto the prank after the fake Banon confided to him that a drunk Trump had told him he had “red wine decanted through Melania’s used pantiehoes.” In spite of the bizarreness of the prankster’s claim, and Trump’s well-known reputation as a teetotaler, Marlow responded that the story “makes more sense to me than you think,” before proceeding to explain that he knew “certain people at a certain stature [play] by different rules.”

Read the full story at The Cut and CNN.


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