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Dating site bans white supremacist ‘for life’ over his high-profile role in Charlottesville rally

White supremacist Chris Cantwell (YouTube / VICE News).

The dating website OKCupid has banned Chris Cantwell, a white supremacist who was one of the central figures in the Charlottesville white nationalist rallies over the weekend, for life after learning he was a user of the site’s services. In a message posted on Twitter, the dating site said the decision to banish Cantwell took took less than 10 minutes.

The website’s CEO Elie Seidman elaborated on the move in a statement given to Gizmodo. “OkCupid has zero tolerance for racism. We make a lot of [decisions] every day that are tough,” he said. “Banning Christopher Cantwell was not one of them.”

Cantwell was also banished from Facebook earlier this week. He skyrocketed to infamy in recent days after his appearance in a viral video produced by VICE News on the “Unite the Right” rally that took place in Charlottesville. Cantwell was seen throughout the video ranting and raving with other marchers and spewing racist and violent rhetoric in interviews with VICE reporter Elle Reeve, and showing off his arsenal of high-powered firearms. In one of his more jaw-dropping remarks, he suggested that President Trump isn’t racist enough for him. “I don’t think you could feel about race [as] I do and watch that Kushner bastard walk around with that beautiful girl,” he said, referring to Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, both of whom are Jewish and also White House advisers. As the human fallout from the violent weekend mounted, he turned up in another social media video crying about the fact that he’d heard a warrant for his arrest had been issued.

And really, that’s just the tip of the iceberg with this guy. According to The Cut, he’s has a history as a men’s rights activist, before he went full-blown white nationalist. And he used to write dating tips for women on his personal blog, Gizmodo reported. And if you haven’t yet seen the VICE piece, watch it below. Here’s what you’ll be missing out on ladies — unless Cantwell moves his dating profile to this dubious site.

Read the full story at The Washington Post.


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