‘Dating king’

Bollywood actor is going on 365 different dates to raise awareness for women’s rights

Sunder Ramu and one of his dates (Facebook)

Indian actor Sunder Ramu has earned himself a reputation as “India’s Dating King” — but not for the reason you might expect. After he began worrying about Indian society’s attitudes toward women and their safety in 2015, he set himself the goal of going on 365 different dates to raise awareness and start a dialogue with women. “I was getting a little depressed looking at all the things going wrong. And there are so many issues. Things are reaching such a state that even Superman can’t fix it all,” he explains. “The Nirbhaya case had happened and so many cases of violence towards women were being reported,” he said, referring to the horrific gang rape that took place in New Delhi in 2012. “The idea was to go out and try and see all the inequalities towards women. And try and see how we can fix at least a few.”

So far Ramu has been on 300 dates, including one with his 105-year old grandmother and the woman who cleans the streets in his neighborhood. He hopes to raise awareness on the issue of sexual violence and consent, saying that “men should understand and respect a woman’s decision.” Ramu shares a meal with each of his dates, but asks her to decide the time and place of each meeting. In doing so, he is also working to remove the “taboo” on dating, which is still seen as a very Western activity. “We still have a long way to go, but it has begun. I never expected it to go this viral or get this much attention,” he said. “It was mainly to try and find answers and see what we can do. And personally it has been a fabulous journey. Everybody wants to help. Everybody wants to make things better.”

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