"We all know John"

Woman gets mansplained to … while reading ‘Men Explain Things To Me’

Oh, the irony! Lara B. Sharp, a writer based in New York, was hoping for some alone time by the pool last Wednesday with Rebecca Solnit’s bestseller Men Explain Things To Me when she was interrupted … by a man who wanted to explain a few things to her. She took notes during the entire conversation and later shared it in a lengthy Facebook post, detailing her encounter with John, a “balding man, maybe 65 or 70 years old, with blue, bloodshot eyes, drinking from a bottle of Ensure, wearing designer swim trunks, which are half hidden under a huge, extremely brown, beer belly.”

After asking her what she was reading and assuming that Solnit’s collection of essays was “a book about men mentoring women,” she said he offered his own services as a mentor — despite having no qualifications whatsoever in Sharp’s area of expertise — and continued addressing the 47-year old woman as “young lady.” Sharp goes on to show how the man continued to objectify her and repeatedly refused to let her speak. Her post went viral over the weekend and has since then racked up more than 49,000 views and 18,000 shares — and even attracted the attention of Solnit, who wrote that she enjoyed the post immensely.” Speaking to HuffPost, Sharp said she wasn’t surprised so many women related to the experience. “We all know John,” she said.

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