How inventor Kavita Shukla is changing the way we eat

Kavita Shukla.

One of the big missions that is so crucial to Women in the World is providing a platform to elevate the voices and stories of women that are often overlooked.  And we did just that back in 2013 for Kavita Shukla, the inventor of FreshPaper.

Inspired by her grandmother’s use of herbs to prevent illness when she accidentally drank the tap water in India, Kavita began experimenting with the powerful combinations of these spices to preserve food. She put them into a paper she named FreshPaper, discovering it dramatically increased the life of food and prevented spoiling. She did this with no funding, no experience and no resources. And then she decided to build an enterprise that would fuel a larger mission; sell the paper to farmers, retailers and consumers so that she could also give the paper away to food banks.

Her thought was, even if she could extend the life of food by a day or two, it would make a significant difference.

“Sometimes being an outsider, whether you’re the only woman in the room or the youngest person or the least experience can be a tremendous advantage,” said Shukla, “because you don’t really know all of the ways that things can go wrong and do it totally differently than anyone else has ever thought of before.”

Since she first appeared on our stage in 2013, Kavita has built Food Paper and her company, Fenugreen into an international movement. Her papers are available at Whole Foods, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond  — and now, HSN.

Tune into HSN beginning Monday, August 7 at 12 a.m. when Kavita will be featured during a live 24-hour marathon. Here she will launch the FRESHVOICES campaign in conjunction with Women in the World and Vital Voices in support of women entrepreneurs and leaders.

We all agree that by telling the stories of successful women, CEO’s and entrepreneurs, we can make a huge difference. This is the purpose of FRESHVOICES is to inspire the next generation of women leaders.

WHEN: Mon, Aug 7, 2017 at 12AM, 1AM, 8AM, 11AM, 12PM, 3PM, 6PM, 9PM, 10PM ET

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