Aiming high

Pilot, 30, is believed to be the youngest woman ever to captain a Boeing 777


Thirty-year-old Indian pilot Anny Divya has reportedly become the youngest captain of a Boeing 777 in history, a remarkable achievement that she hopes will inspire other aspiring women pilots. Divya, who completed her pilot training at age 19, became a pilot for Air India in 2006 and now flies her Boeing 777 — a long-range, wide-body, twin-engine jet airliner — to destinations such as New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco.

“From a child, I always wanted to be a pilot, although I didn’t have much guidance on how to become a pilot,” she said in an interview with Indian news show Mirror Now. “My parents have always been very supportive even though there were people telling them not to send me to flying lessons and the fees were a lot for them to pay at that time, but they managed.”

Before being offered the opportunity to captain the Boeing 777, she said, she was offered a chance to fly the smaller medium-range Boeing 737. But she refused the offer, hoping to hold out until she was offered a chance to captain her dream plane.

On Facebook, Divya also a shared a guide on how to become a commercial pilot in response to countless requests from young women aspiring to be aviators like her.

In the future, perhaps, one of those young girls will grow up to break Divya’s record.

Read the full story at Business Insider.


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