Vendors sell ‘Killary Rotten Clinton’ shooting targets at Trump rally in Ohio


As the Trump administration has dealt with the deepening controversy over the drip-drip of findings in the investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election, the president has appeared eager for distractions — even going so far as to accuse Ukraine of trying to “boost Clinton” and “sabotage” the Trump campaign. In a campaign-style rally Tuesday in Youngstown, Ohio, Trump attempted to channel the same campaign spirit that carried him to electoral victory last November. Outside the event, vendors matched, if not exceeded, Trump’s rhetoric and energy, offering the crowd products such as a “Killary Rotten Clinton” shooting target featuring Clinton’s face directly in the center of the crosshairs, among other tasteless images appearing on T-shirts and posters.

The revival of violence-themed anti-Clinton merchandise is an ugly echo of what was all too common during the bitter 2016 race, with disturbing merchandise surface all along the campaign trail, particularly at the Democratic National Convention last summer. Trump, it should be noted, has held more than a dozen campaign-style rallies since being elected, and the merchandise is continuing to surface, a gendered complement to the sexism that’s fueling recent policy decisions — like Wednesday’s pledge to bar transgender people from the military. There’s little doubt that Trump’s diehard supporters are influenced by the man they so adore — and lately, as New York Times columnist Frank Bruni pointed out, he’s shown himself to be obsessed with Clinton, if not “stalking her.” At what point does this all become dangerous? Or, as Women in the World founder Tina Brown puts it, when is enough enough?

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