Fox News host opens up about being targeted in bizarre water attack

Kat Timpf (Instagram).

Kat Timpf, co-host of The Fox News Specialists and also a correspondent for the network, is opening up about a bizarre assault she was subjected to on Monday night in Brooklyn, New York. Timpf made an appearance at a political event for a friend who is running for local office and was waiting to make some public remarks. But before she got a chance to speak, Timpf told The Cut, a strange man “walked up, tapped me on the shoulder, I turned, and without saying a word he dumped a giant bottle of water on my head. I was stunned,” she said. “He very clearly came for this specific purpose. That’s what’s scary to me: That someone out there knows who I am and hates me that much.”

In an essay about the frightening experience for the National Review, where she’s also a reporter, Timpf elaborated on what happened. “Then, as I was standing there completely stunned, he made eye contact with me, lifted the bottle, and whipped the rest of it into my face and my eyes before walking out. A few people sort of tried to chase him as he was leaving, but he ultimately got away.” She wrote that she was left completely soaked, her eyes stinging and shaken by the surprise attack.

The incident sparked out outpouring of support for Timpf from journalism colleagues on Twitter, and condemnation for the mystery man behind the bizarre attack. Jake Tapper and David French were among friends and colleagues to weigh in with words of support.

Timpf describes herself as Libertarian, “someone with views all over the place,” but is mystified and unsettled as to what the motive behind the attack was, given that the man never said a word and managed to get away without speaking to anyone. Timpf writes that she’s been harassed and bullied online for being a Fox News personality and for speaking out against President Donald Trump. “I’ve had people on the Internet — from both sides of the spectrum — call me a bitch, a slut, and a stupid, idiot whore. I’ve had people tell me they are coming to my office to rip my entrails out,” she writes. “Seeing those kinds of things has never been pleasant, but at least I could always just put my phone down and get away from it.”

Timpf has reported the incident to the New York Police Department. The entire episode was caught on the building’s security cameras and she says she has images of the perpetrator from the security footage saved on her phone. She’s pondered going public with the photo in an effort to identify him, but ultimately decided against doing so — a point she explains in detail in her essay.

Read the full story at the National Review and The Cut.


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