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‘Confused & worried’

Hilarious new song asks: Would you rather have Donald Trump or Mike Pence as president?

By WITW Staff on July 21, 2017

As speculation continues to ramp up over the possibility of a Trump impeachment, women across the country are having to consider a difficult question: Would you rather have Donald Trump, a man who insults and harasses women as president, or born-again self-professed “evangelical Catholic” Mike Pence, whose major claim to fame is legislation against abortion and LBGT rights?

According to a new song from actors Dominique Salerno and Laura Hankin, the tongue-in-cheek creators of previous satirical hits such as egg-freezing ballad “Santa Baby,” the answer is Pence — if only because he’s probably less likely to start a nuclear apocalypse over a tweet.

In a parody music video that invokes the image of an early 2000s Britney Spears, “A Desperate Sexy Song For Mike Pence,” the two comedians make a strong case for why Pence is ultimately the better of two evils.

“Mike Pence, would you save us from nuclear war?” the two sing. “Mike Pence, you’d be awful for ladies and gays. Mike Pence, but you might not usher in the end of days … We’ll never have a seat at your table, you won’t eat with a woman who’s not your wife, but at least there will still be tables, and sentient human life.”

Speaking to The Huffington Post about what inspired their latest musical sketch, Salerno and Hankin explained that “sheer terror” makes an excellent motivator.

“We’ve been spending a lot of time lately wondering what’s going to happen to our country,” said Hankin. “One day, we’ll read an article about how Trump needs to be impeached before he starts a nuclear war. The next, we’ll read one about how impeaching Trump would be a horrible idea, because Pence would spend less time sitting in firetrucks, and more time pursuing his anti-women agenda. Basically, we’re very confused and worried that our rights are going to be taken away, so what better way to sort through our feelings than by unleashing our inner Britney Spears?”

Watch the music video below.

Read the full story at The Huffington Post.


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